Wayne Hills Diner has some parents, and some teens, rather put off. It seems they have a policy that is questionable at best. They are charging a mandatory gratuity of 18%, but only for teenagers.

You see the diner is directly across from the Colfax Schuyler Middle School. As such, there are certain times of day the diner gets busy with young teens. The problem according to owner Peter Logos is it ties up waitstaff and the waitstaff often gets stiffed on tips. So the menu now clearly states that his diner will add an additional 18% gratuity at its discretion.

Some students don't seem to mind. Others do. One girl said, "I think it's good only because these people here work very hard, and they deserve more than 50 cents or a dollar as a tip." Yes, morally they do. But legally? Should you be required to pay a tip because of your age? So a 14 year old will be charged the mandatory gratuity where a 30 year old, who might also decide to stiff, is charged nothing?

I hate the 'mandatory gratuity' and I tip well. Mandatory gratuity is oxymoronic. But if they're going to do one, it should not be based on anything personal such as age. If you leave it at a party of 6 or more, that's one thing. But imagine instead of age they based it on race, or simply how well or poorly you're dressed. The outrage gets easier to see.

What do you think? Is this tipping policy out of line? Take our poll below.

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