In all the hype leading up to a New Jersey Super Bowl, I completely forgot there are some folks who won't watch it no matter what.


I was reminded of this when I saw an online poll asking how people will be watching (at home, at a party, at the game itself, at a bar, etc.). One of the choices was 'won't be watching' at all. At the time I looked at this poll 29% had selected that option. Are you kidding me? I thought the Super Bowl had something for everyone. For sports fans it's obvious. This is one of the better matched Super Bowls in recent history. Even for the casual fan you have a great story in Peyton Manning's post surgery success (see any one of the countless memes out there). For music fans you have the half-time show and the pre-game stuff. For non-fans you have all the best commercials that are analyzed for days before and after Super Bowl. So what's not to like? Still, there are apparently many who couldn't be bothered. Now my question is, why?

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