NORTH BERGEN — With Halloween just around the corner, local police and animal control officers were called to a cemetery for something more wild than spooky.

On Sunday the North Bergen Police reported they were called to the Grove Cemetery when someone noticed a goat and a chicken walking the grounds. While they were unsure of why the animals were there, police said they did not believe the animals were in danger.

"Sometimes, various cultures utilize animals in sacrifices," they said. "However, it is unclear if that was the case here, for sure, as the two were not tied up and were freely roaming the property."

In addition to police officers, animal control was also called to the scene. Thankfully, police said "the goat and chicken seemed to get along like they were good friends." The animals were removed from the cemetery without incident and taken to a farm in Franklin Township.

Finding wild animals is nothing new for first responders. In the past few months there have been reports of large beehives, a cow blocking traffic, and a pig wandering around a town.

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