For a while I thought the NFL might go with a smorgasbord of Jersey talent for this year’s Superbowl Halftime show, including Bon Jovi, who recently played MetLife stadium (albeit without band mate Richie Sambora); but never at a Superbowl.

Sure, he opened the place, but that’s history.

What about being on what’s probably the world’s biggest stage?
And then it came to me in a flash.

Do the big “machers” that plan these things even really care about New Jersey?

Sure, the game is played at a New Jersey address, but to the media and the rest of America, it might as well be in midtown Manhattan.

So what does that mean for us?


The game, which will be held at MetLife Stadium on Feb. 2, is going to be played outdoors in the cold, mandating a halftime act that has exhibited road-tested toughness. Bruce Springsteen has already played a halftime show; Bon Jovi has not. Besides the E Street Band, no group says New Jersey quite as loudly as Bon Jovi does.

But wait a second: The Super Bowl is a game broadcast to a massive audience around the world, and the world may not care one bit that MetLife Stadium is in the Meadowlands.

Depending on how the big game is framed, they may not even know it. This might be advertised as the New York Super Bowl — those blimp shots are going to be of the Empire State Building, not the Secaucus marshes.

Would the NFL really turn to an incomplete Bon Jovi, hobbled by the absence of Richie Sambora? It's possible, but until the two best-known members of the group settle their feud, their chances are diminished.

However, Richie’s absence didn’t really matter much to fans who’d recently gone to see the band perform at MetLife.

No Richie. No problem.

Jersey rockers Bon Jovi kicked off a two-night stand of the band’s “Because We Can” tour at MetLife Stadium without longtime guitarist Richie Sambora Thursday night.

The band was crisp and charged as a light rain fell.

Jon Bon Jovi’s did not acknowledge Sambora’s absence from the stage beyond an oblique reference thanking the audience for their “patience” regarding the band. Sambora of Woodbridge exited the band in April with little explanation beyond the citing of “personal issues” on

Jon Bon Jovi, of Middletown, has said that Sambora has not been fired, nor has there been a fight between Sambora and Bon Jovi.

The sentiment of fans tailgating in the parking lot before the show was that Sambora will be missed, but the show must go on.

And it did.

But, how cool would it be if Richie showed up, with the band capping off the show!

Katy Perry, et al. could open; but Bon Jovi as the capper would kill!

Sort of like the proverbial “cherry on the banana split!”

No Bon Jovi. Problem with that?

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