On Thursday, the Assembly Transportation Committee was scheduled to vote on a measure that creates a new "Support the Troops" specialty license plate with the proceeds earmarked for the families of New Jersey Army and Air National Guard personnel who are serving overseas. The vote was delayed, much to the surprise of the bill’s sponsor.

Joe Raedle, Getty Images

"I have worked for five years to get this legislation heard in committee,” says Assemblyman Dave Wolfe. Unfortunately, it was held unexpectedly. I certainly hope the bill will be reconsidered at the committee’s next hearing for the sake of our military personnel and their families who would benefit greatly.”

Wolfe vows to continue fighting for the legislation that will provide assistance to families of military personnel who are experiencing financial hardship as a result of an overseas deployment.

“This measure is an excellent resource to help our troops and their families when the main breadwinner is called away from their place of employment to serve our country overseas,” said Wolfe. “Although serving in a foreign land, they are still responsible for their household expenses and bills such as rent, mortgage and car payments, credit card bills, even paying their taxes. Unfortunately, many receive only a portion of their salaries from their places of employment while their bills continue to mount.”

The legislation authorizes a “Support the Troops” specialty license plate in consultation with the Adjutant General of the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs.