Its been three years since New Jersey's medical marijuana bill was signed into law. After numerous roadblocks and legal hurdles, the state's first dispensary has finally opened its doors in Montclair.

Stacy Proebstle, Townsquare Media

Greenleaf Compassion Center opened its doors Thursday. Now, residents who suffer from certain chronic medical conditions like multiple sclerosis and terminal cancer will now have access to medical pot. The first 20 people out of the 388 who registered with the state received the drug.

"I'm here for chronic pain...I am on a pain scale of about 8 out of 10, I'm in a lot of pain," said one man leaving the facility, who declined to give his name.

Another man, known as "Ed" said he received a prescription for medical marijuana to deal with chronic pain he received after being electrocuted in 2003.

"I had over 19 surgeries, and hopefully this will help me with my pain, sleeping, eating and just everyday life."

Greenleaf CEO Joe Stevens said he's excited to finally open the doors to patients.

"Its been a long-time coming, and now we are able to deliver medical marijuana to patients who need it in a safe environment."

Under state law, patients are limited to two ounces of marijuana per month, but Greenleaf said it would initially sell a half-ounce to each person, to accommodate all who registered.

Residents and business owners in town are welcoming the dispensary, calling it a historic day for the state.

"I think its about time, its a great idea for the state, others are doing it...and now New Jerseyans who are ill can finally get the medicine that they need," said Barbara, a business owner, two doors down from the center.

"I think it will help a lot of people, so I'm definitely not opposed to it being in town," said another man walking by.

Five other alternative treatment centers have yet to open. The state's second dispensary, Compassionate Care Foundation, is the closest one that could open soon in Egg Harbor Township.