New Jersey 101.5 staff members are crying this morning,.'If the 11 was a 2'!

26 New Jersey 101.5 staff members from the sales, promotions, programming and office staff went in on buying $130 worth Mega Millions lottery tickets on Friday at Deli Delight in Ewing Township.

If the 11 was a 2 the staff  would have won the millions!  And as one member of our sales team said this morning;

"Today would be a very different day"

The co-workers DID win $10,000! After taxes and being split 26 ways, each employee will receive about $250.

The winning numbers were 46, 23, 38, 4,2 and the Mega Ball was 23.

How close did you get?

Mega Millions jackpot at $640M

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