When it came to light that the new trend in engagement rings is not a ring per se but a diamond somehow permanently pierced into your finger, we had a field day. We asked our listeners to explain body modification to us, why they felt the need to make holes all over their bodies or ink themselves up.

Most of the piercers were pretty proud of their piercings, and some professional piercers called in to explain the various places on human bodies that they have displayed their art. Some of these places included hips, vertebrae, and the usual belly buttons and nipples.

One listener, Katie, was kind enough to send in a photo of her various facial piercings. I thought it was kind of strange. For such an attractive woman, the piercings tend to distract from her beauty in my opinion. But since this is a heck of a lot of metal in one face I thought it would be interesting to post here. To each his or her own! I just know if I had what almost amounts to a pin cushion for a face I would make sure to always sleep on my back!

Photo from Pierced Katie
Photo from Pierced Katie

Thanks, Katie for sharing!!

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