The COVID-19 crisis has come just in time to ruin what normally is the best time in someone's life, graduating high school or college.

Senior class trips to Disney, proms and all of the pageantry that goes along with them, sport seasons, awards ceremonies, end-of-year parties, walking in graduation — all gone or interrupted. Parents and kids that have lived for these special moments are feeling the disappointment. Ordinarily, this would be a great time of excitement, hope and anticipation. Now they're living through one of the worst calamities in modern times.

We've talked to several seniors who work at local stores and the mood isn't too bad. They're young. They have their whole lives ahead of them to make it up. It seems to be worse for some parents who've invested a lifetime of nurturing, teaching, guiding, driving to practices, helping with homework and planning for this time. In the end for those who survive, it's a powerful character building life lesson, to appreciate what we have when we have it. Because it can all be gone in a flash.

School parking lots would normally be pretty full around 2:30 on a weekday afternoon, but lately they've been eerily empty. Driving past one on Wednesday I saw this unique way students are finding to socialize safely. Let's call it a "Rooftop Roundtable."

Dennis Malloy photo

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