The Christie administration has kicked off a campaign to promote the diversity of New Jersey's tourism industry.  

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On July 1, Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin accompanied Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno on two New Jersey state park tours to highlight the recreational amenities the state has to offer.  Together, they visited Liberty State Park and Princeton Battlefield State Park.

"New Jersey's state parks provide endless recreational opportunities for residents and tourists alike that not only highlight the state's rich history of our natural areas, but also provide a boost to its tourism industry and broader economy statewide," Guadagno said in an emailed press release on July 1.

"Jersey has a $40 billion tourism industry and everyone thinks of the shore when they think of tourism but there is a lot more places to go in Jersey," said Larry Ragonese, press director for the NJDEP.

New Jersey is home to 39 state parks, 11 state forests, three marinas, 52 historic sites and three recreation areas.  According to Ragonese, there's more than 815,000 acres of parkland and wildlife areas in New Jersey.

"New Jersey has an incredible array of state parks, natural areas and historic sites that enhance the quality of life for our residents and visitors to our state," said Martin in an emailed press release July 1.

Most parks are free, although some do charge a fee for parking.  In November 2011, Christie announced the state's Sustainable Parks Plan, which was designed to provide affordable recreation to state residents by keeping all 39 state parks open.

Ragonese said the revenue earned by parks is used to keep them maintained, and for restoration.

The park tour was part of a summer series called "Tourism Tuesday's" which is aimed to promote the diversity of New Jersey's tourism industry.

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