New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ordered the deployment of additional state troopers in Camden Monday in an effort to help fight rising crime as the city's shrunken police force struggles to keep a lid on violence.

The governor said the extra troopers will focus on crime hot spots, based on data showing the worst times, days and locations where violence has been occurring.

Camden is a city of just under 80,000 that frequently makes national "most-dangerous" lists and has had 16 homicides since Oct. 1. It laid off half its police force in January.

For the past nine years the New Jersey State Police have kept a contingent of troopers in the city who help investigate about 70 percent of the shootings in the city. Christie didn't say Monday how many troopers will be added, but he said the increase will be noticeable.

"This targeted deployment of state personnel and assets will have an immediate impact in curbing violence and crime and protecting the people of Camden," Christie said.

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