The good news at the gas pump just keeps getting better, and New Jersey's price drops are leading the charge.

gas pump
Tom Merton, Getty Images

Tom Kloza, of, says Jersey pump prices have gone down 49-cents-a-gallon on average in a year, and that's the biggest drop for any state in the country.

"It's intriguing, but right now, supplies are very, very adequate, and demand is down substantially."

And these pump price declines are coming as we approach the start of the summer driving season with Memorial day, when pump prices usually start to rise. Here's another shocker.

"I think there's the possibility that we might see less than three dollars-a-gallon, and we might see it in this state really in the next few weeks," Kloza explained.

"To see this much weakness in demand for this time of the year is pretty eye-opening,'' says Patrick DeHaan, senior energy analyst at Gasbuddy.

New Jersey's average price right now is in the $3.10's to $3.20's. Nationally, a gallon of gas now averages $3.51. April consumption is the lowest since 1997.