One of the arguments against legalizing recreational marijuana is that not many people get busted or simple possession. Ask the roughly 88 people a day that get busted in New Jersey and see if it's a problem. The deadline keeps getting pushed back for a bill to land on Governor Murphy's desk, while the squabbling continues over how much to tax it. Meanwhile it costs the state roughly $130 million a year.

Or could it be that the Senate President, who would have liked to be Governor, wants to stall the rich guy that came out of nowhere and stole his chance? That's what some insiders are pointing to, rather than a 12 cents or 25 cents tax. Whatever the reason, while Trenton continues it's usual nonsense and posturing, 88 of your fellow citizens will end up getting busted for simple possession.

We were supposed to have a vote this week, but that's been tabled for an indefinite amount of time. Typical stupid Trenton Statehouse nonsense. Don't fret over it. Sit back and fire up a joint and chill. Just don't get caught!

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