Here is what's coming up on today's Deminski & Doyle Show.

New Jersey Hall of Fame nominees have been announced. Who are some famous people from New Jersey?

Jeff has had his car for six weeks and hasn't washed it yet. How often do you clean your car? Are you a car snob or a car slob?

Have you ever tried to keep a body part after a medical procedure?

Bill has to leave the studio at 5:00 PM sharp today but he ripped the seam in his pants on his way back from the water cooler. He has to wear these pants to his daughter's event tonight. What is the worst wardrobe malfunction you've ever experienced?

Princeton banned tobacco sales to anyone under 21 years old this week. Statewide, you still have to be 19 to smoke, 21 to drink, only 16 to consent to sex, and marijuana you can't smoke at all! How old were you when you tried these things for the first time?

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