When they first asked me to host the Red Carpet at the New Jersey Hall of Fame Inductions, I didn’t know what to expect. The last time I was on a red carpet it was with a vacuum at a local theatre;)  Was I supposed to be Joan Rivers and make fun of people? That would not have gone well though tempting as it was. I’m far too dressed down to be straight laced, but since it was the NEW JERSEY Hall of Fame, a little attitude couldn’t hurt.


There were  many personal highlights on the night for me. First off I got to work with my colleague and quickly becoming good friend, late night host, Ray Rossi. If you think the crossovers on the radio are funny, you should have heard us cut-up on the red carpet. Fortunately Martin and Lewis were not getting inducted so we didn't have to worry about competition. It’s amazing that no matter how old you are or experienced with celebrity, you still turn into a little kid when you meet a childhood idol.

Here is a video clip of Ray and I introducing Rutgers hero and Tampa Bay Buccaneer, Eric LeGrand.

Cases in point,  there’s this tall grey tanned guy I’m cracking jokes with in between red carpet welcomes and finally I put my hand out and introduced myself,  to which he replies “Bart Oates.” BART OATES!!!!!!!!! I’ve got your autographed picture on my office wall. I then said to Bart, "You don’t look anything like you!”  (Grasp foot firmly, place in mouth)


As a Giants fan, I was in my glory, The Mara family was there to induct the late Wellington and I blared over the loudspeaker “Please welcome the family responsible for 4 Super Bowl Championships” Frank Gifford a Giant legend in broadcasting as well who I would have loved to have a beer with just to hear all the great stories of both the Giants and Monday Night Football.


My favorite intro though was “Jack Davidson” who really turned out to be David Cassidy. I had seen David perform last October with Danny Bonaduce whom I had become friends with. He had to leave right after to go to New York to do a show that he couldn’t announce which turned out to be Celebrity Apprentice.  Knowing how respected he is in rock circles for his guitar playing and how he kind of got “pop star” hung on him, I wanted to add to his night so I introduced him as ‘One of the greatest guitarists in Rock N Roll. Please welcome David Cassidy."  When Cassidy took the stage, he didn’t disappoint.

From the streets of Hudson County to the red carpet, not bad for a kid from Jersey, right?