PISCATAWAY — About a year ago, we told you about Mikey Wojcik's idea to raise money to buy toys for kids being treated at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. It has now been three years since Mikey's father passed away, an ordeal that inspired him to start this fundraiser, which he hopes will grow in 2018.

Last year, Mikey and his mother Indira made three trips to the Cancer Institute to donate toys with the money they'd raised. Mikey is planning to make four or five trips this time around, or maybe still just three, but with more toys each time.

He said many of the toys are small, like finger skateboards, or aren't toys at all, like $5 iTunes gift cards for older kids. And he can't present them directly because of the various treatments the recipients are going through. But organizers at the Cancer Institute, who place many of the toys in a "treasure chest" to be shared, have told Mikey the children there are really happy.

"A sad kid who has cancer is just the worst thing for a doctor to see, because the doctors want the kids to be happy," he said.

The toys are needed most, according to Mikey, when the patients are going through something complicated or traumatic like a shot.

"When they're done with their shot, they get to go to the treasure chest and take a toy from it, so I feel like that would help them be happier and put a smile on their face," Mikey said.

Indira Wojcik said continuing this fundraiser has helped Mikey gradually cope with the loss of his father, and because of that, she views this as a win-win situation. And she is proud of her son for being the force behind it.

You can donate money to: Mikey Wojcik, P.O. Box 152, Piscataway, NJ 08855.

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