I've stated before that the real problem with the Giants is not so much Eli Manning's age, but the defense that always lets them down with the game on the line. Having said that, at some point soon, they do have to look into replacing their aging quarterback. The answer is right down the turnpike.

What I got from Giants manager Dave Gettleman's press conference is that the Giants are willing to keep Eli Manning, but not at 23 million dollars, which is what his contract calls for. Will Manning redo his deal? Who knows, but if you're going to spend that kind of money on a quarterback, why not a younger version who can also make all the throws, won't crumble under pressure and has his own Super Bowl MVP trophy? Why not Nick Foles?

Foles has that same quiet cool under pressure demeanor that made Manning famous. He would have no problem handing the New York media and he doesn't even have to relocate if he doesn't want to. His Philadelphia Eagle teammates love him so much they built an alter for him. Imagine Odell Beckham Jr. worshiping there?

I really don't believe that drafting a quarterback in this draft is the way to go for the Giants. Players like Beckham are too far in to wait a few more years for a drafted QB to develop and whoever they take better be better that Sam Darnold whom the Giants could have taken but the crosstown Jets took instead. The perfect answer for the Giants right now is Nick Foles.

If I'm spending 20 plus million on a quarterback, I'd rather give it to a Super Bowl MVP who's pushing 30 and will be here for the duration, than to give it to Eli Manning who's shelf life is only a year or two then I've got to start looking again. Did I mention that Giants head coach Pat Shurmur was Foles offensive coordinator in 2013? Foles also gives the G-Men a chance to stick it to the Eagles whose fans are divided over who really should be the starting quarterback. I'd bet some players are also if you asked then candidly.

By signing Nick Foles, the Giants rob the birds of their biggest weapon should Carson Wentz, who has a bad back, go down. Signing Foles just works on so many levels. Most of all, as a Giants fan, it would be much easier watching the Eagles make this run, if I knew we were getting their quarterback!

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