Each New Year, many Americans of all ages vow to change or improve their lives to ensure that this year will not be like the last. If you're one of the few who sticks to a New Year's resolution throughout the entire year, then consider yourself determined and fortunate. Whether the goal is to quit smoking, lose weight or finally clean out the garage, many resolutions often start off strong and then quickly fade away. Here's a look at some of the most common New Year's resolutions that are failed by Spring!

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    Go to the Gym/ Exercise

    So many people choose to exercise more as their New Year's resolution. By the second week of January, they've signed on a gym membership and have been there almost everyday. By mid-February they're down to about once or twice a week. Perhaps because of all the outdoor springtime distractions, so many of those who swore to exercise more find themselves spending less and less time doing so before April begins.

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    Eat Healthier/ Diet

    Did you break your promise to trade in the fried fast food for fresh fruits and vegetables? Don't worry...you're not alone! Commonly, people will use the New Year to set drastic diet changes with goals that just aren't at all realistic. Therefore, sticking with eating only the healthiest of foods proves to be unsuccessful more often than not.

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    Save Money

    Although it's important, saving money in a tough economy is never easy. After taking a New Year's pledge to turn down shiny expensive things in order to grow their bank accounts, so many people don't last through the first few months of saving. Ultimately, bills need to be paid and the list of wants and needs tends to grow as time goes on.

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    Quit Smoking

    Now if there's one thing we've learned over the years it's how difficult quitting smoking actually is. Though harmful, cigarettes are incredibly addictive. As great as it is for people who resolve to give them up, quitting once and for all can feel nearly impossible if you've unfortunately picked up the habit again by Springtime.

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    Get Organized

    If you're one of the several people who had a New Year's resolution to finally get your home and your life organized yet you are still surrounded by clutter, then take a deep breath...you're rather normal. There's still plenty of time to reorganize the kitchen and garage, and you have months to figure out your iPhone calendar. The year isn't even halfway over yet - plus, there's always next year!

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    Learn Something New

    Having time to take up a hobby is wonderful, isn't it? Sure it sounds great, but learning something new many times gets categorized into the folder of "wishful thinking". The problem is, adults who are just beginning to learn a craft or an instrument usually do not learn as fast as they would when they were young. Also, the truth is that new hobbies take time, patience and lots of work!

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    Meet a New Mate/ Be More Romantic

    This may have been the year that you swore you'd finally put yourself out there and begin dating, but as time ticks away you're still single with only yourself to blame. By Spring, many singles still resort to the same excuses: they don't trust the dating sites; they haven't had success in the past. Couples who vowed to spice things up are still stuck in the same routine: dinner at home...on the couch. Well there are many months to go in the year so quit complaining - it's time to put those resolutions into play!