What is proper prom attire? You and your child may have completely different answers, and neither of those answers may fall in line with what schools are expecting.

prom dress
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To avoid any confusion or drama at junior and senior proms, districts across New Jersey are notifying students of what's appropriate and what is not.

"What school districts usually do is they will issue a prom packet…and indicate within that what proper attire would be," said Frank Belluscio, spokesman for the New Jersey School Boards Association. "Often it will site attire that might be too revealing as something that would not be acceptable."

Even though most proms are held off school grounds, Belluscio added, parameters still need to be set in order to secure the students' well-being.

According to a spokesperson with the Freehold Regional High School District, prom dress attire has not been an issue at any schools. However, the student handbook insists "proper attire is expected." Inappropriately-dressed students "will be removed from the prom."

The policy in Middletown is similar, and no refund will be given for those who are denied entry.

Belluscio said detention is another consequence for failing to follow the dress code. Also, some schools may give students the option to "cover up" before they're removed from the event completely.

"If something is too revealing, wearing a jacket over it or something else might satisfy the situation," Belluscio said.

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