A Union City man took his 2016 Mustang GT in for service at a New Jersey dealership and the mechanics took it out for a joy ride and he has video to prove it.

According to CBS 2 New York, Sahib Sood says his car was at Stevens Jersey City Ford to get repaired and was told that his car would be taken for a “test drive” to make sure it was OK. Instead, employees took it for a 15 minute joy ride gunning the engine and even stopping to pick up another passenger. What the joyriders didn’t realize was that the car had a dash cam installed even though, Sood says, it flashes a red light and makes a noise when in use.

The camera captured one of the miscreants remarking that Sood had picked the wrong guy to test drive his car. CBS 2 reports that when Sood got home and checked the footage, he was furious and went back to the dealership and told management what had happened and they challenged him to prove it. He did. Sood says he is still waiting for his refund, but the dealership says they have a check for $379 waiting for him; Sood says they owe him more than that. The dealership says the employees in question have been fired.

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