A growing number of New Jersey children, especially teenagers, are playing chemist -- putting themselves at risk in an effort to get high -- while authorities and anti-drug advocates are now sounding the alarm.

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It's a sobering lesson for parents, who need to take this very seriously.

The newest danger goes by the name "Honey Oil" or "Butta" and is made from butane mixed with marijuana stems and seeds, then lit to create a potent oil.

Videos are posted online, instructing people how to assemble the drug "safely," but experts tell Townsquare Media there's nothing safe about the process.

"There are several risks involved, especially with butane being so flammable," said Steven Liga with the Middlesex County chapter of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. "We are urging all parents to have a discussion with their kids to make sure they don't start experimenting with this or any other drug."

The mixture is a highly concentrated oil containing cannabinoids and THC, the chemicals that cause the "high" from using marijuana. Butane is basically used to process and refine the solution into a high-quality, potent intoxicant.

Law enforcement has learned that tobacco shops in Stafford Township have seen a sharp increase in teenagers wanting to purchase butane. Employees inquired as to what some of the uses may be, because the teens did not give a straight answer when asked. There have also been questions regarding the types of butane sold at these shops, and the quality of those products.

"All parents need to be involved with their kids and explain the dangers, we can't stress that enough," said patrolman Chris Fritz with the Stafford police department. "We will step up enforcement, and appreciate the smoke shops for letting us know."