I have both voice to text and a remote that I can tell what I want to see but I can't use either one because I also have a New Jersey accent. Sunday, while binging Showtime's "City On A Hill" which I highly recommend, I kindly asked my remote to find it for me.

The first response from my remote was "I wanna", followed by  "NBC" then  "Sorry I didn't get that " and finally "On the Hill" which was close but turned out to be a totally different show. I'm afraid it will get to the point where I'll ask for something only to have the reply, "Why do you want to watch that?" or, "oh yeah that's that's the one where so and so did it." Now that would be a "Jersey" remote!

The same thing happens to me with voice to text. My wife can ramble on and on into her phone sending novels that people can read on the beach, while if I just say one sentence, I have to correct it so much that it actually takes less time to just type it in my one handed way.

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