Here is the letter I sent to our corporate Big Wig's in response to a recent memo. Is it obvious that I was trying to be funny, or am I going to be fired for this?


I'm in receipt of two memos from B.W and J.W., respectively and I must admit, I have some strong concerns!

As an old radio hag, I'm going to profess my complete ignorance of the following achievements, all enumerated in B's recent letter:

1)Meeting Q4 budgets

2)migrating all sites to the new template

3)launching TSI (our B2B platform)

4)our new loyalty platform


I believe these are just "mock" achievements, fabricated to make us feel good about ourselves. Furthermore, Mr. W, I believe that you stole the aforementioned phrases from some weird "office space"-type movie or sci-fi novel. "Platforms"? "Templates"? and my personal favorite, "Q4 Budgets"?

The following are the only achievements that are even REMOTELY comprehensible to us radio types:

1) getting free tickets

2) getting free meals

3) getting free anything

It's that simple!

Why complicate matters by including such sophisticated terminology in correspondence that will be read by--well, let's face it--social misfits who think they look really cool in headphones?

I suggest you update any future memos to include the above items, thereby communicating in a language we can ALL understand.

Thank you for your interest,

Judi Franco

Radio Host