Now that Phil Murphy's been elected Governor, we could have legal marijuana within 100 days. What will that do for your music listening? I asked what you like to listen to when you're high and these were some of the answers I received. Perhaps there's something in there that will "turn you on."

  • Susan - For me it's Black Sabbath and my husband says Hot Tuna
  • James - Anything from The Allman Brothers Band!!!
  • Lawrence - Anything Hendrix go figure
  • Dar - Steely Dan Deacon Blues Kyle Rogulski Led Zeppelin Chuck Mauceri Pink Floyd.

  • Kathleen - Pink Floyd dark side of the moon
  • Jodi - Zeppelin What is and What Should Never Be
  • John Kelly - Genesis Suppers Ready
  • Steve Kurtz - Gimme Shelter

  • Joseph Shilling - Yes

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