Most states will offer tax breaks, tout their quality of life or great weather to lure big businesses to come to their state. Not New Jersey. "Givenor" Murphy is trying to attract companies to come to our state with abortions.

He is a moron but a dedicated focused and committed one. No matter how you feel on the issue of abortion, you have to see the absurdity of his scheme.

In an op-ed that appeared in the Houston Chronicle, Murphy appeals to companies to move their businesses to New Jersey. Companies are in business to make money and hopefully provide their employees with an affordable living environment. Not according to Uncle Phil.

Part of his op-ed reads:

"Businesses don’t exist just to return dividends to shareholders. Businesses are and must be influential leaders on behalf of those who actually make a business successful: their employees. The reckless actions of closed-minded lawmakers, ignorant and hostile to the rights of their constituents, have a direct impact on the ability of any business to recruit and retain high-quality talent. Silence is no longer a viable option."


He is making the Supreme Court's point for reversing Roe v. Wade, which is to leave it up to the states to decide. That is exactly what states are doing, so he is taking advantage of that decision.

In his op-ed, he talks about politicians trampling on the rights of their constituents. It's their constituents through their representatives who decide the laws of a state. Acting like a dictator for the last few years maybe he forgot how this works.

Running for president?

He is simply leveraging his position on the abortion issue to appeal to the hard-core base of his party only to make a run for president in the next election or at least raise his national profile for a run in the future. Again, in arguing his appeal in the op-ed in the Texas newspaper, he is only strengthening the point of the Supreme Court’s decision, that the issue of abortion should be left to the individual states and the representatives and the will of their constituents.

None of his policies or beliefs are based on rational thought but purely on emotional reactions. He has found a way to make it work for him so far and he wants to take it to the next level.

There is simply no chance in hell that any business would move from a thriving economic climate like Texas to one like New Jersey, which usually ranks at the very bottom of business-friendly lists.


New Jersey is a stepping stone for him

He quietly built a coalition of support for his run for governor of our state seven or eight years ago and when he burst onto the scene his groundwork paid off and he won. Murphy is doing the same for national office and using any ploy that he can to raise his profile in his party.

I've mentioned from the beginning of his first campaign and through his first years in office as governor of New Jersey, we are simply a stepping stone in his political career. Good luck on the next step, Phil. You should hope that there are many gullible, emotional, and constitutionally ignorant voters nationwide as there are here in New Jersey.

To many Democrats and abortion proponents, the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade was a crisis. One of the major players of his political party, Rahm Emanuel, once said, "you never want a good crisis to go to waste". Uncle Phil is making good on that progressive axiom.

It's doubtful that Murphy will get any takers on his offer, but that's not the point. The point is to build his street cred with the base of the Democrat Party. Go Phil go!

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