Elizabeth Chesner, the teenage girl missing in Sussex County for more than a week has been found safe and with her boyfriend at his home in Bloomfield.Robert Paige,18, is charged with obstructing a police investigation according to the Star Ledger, who stress that he was not holding Chesner against her will. "Chesner clearly wanted to be with him and he assisted her in hiding,"

Elizabeth's mother Sharon posted a message Tuesday morning on her Facebook page that she had been notified by Franklin police that her daughter had been located. "She appears to be OK," Decker told Star Ledger in a statement. "Many questions will need to be answered by her. At this time, my sole focus is she is alive, she is OK, and that she will get any help she will need, if needed."

Franklin Detective Nevin Mattessich told the New Jersey Herald that Elizabeth had destroyed her cell phone so she could not be found.

The development marks another twist in the 16-year-old's disappearance who was last seen with the unidentified boyfriend on March 24, who was not considered to be a suspect in the case.She never returned home.

Friends and family had organized a search for Chesner even as Franklin Police speculated that she had run away. "We are looking into everything and anything. We are doing everything we can to locate her,"  Mattessich told the Star Ledger  in an email.

Sharon Decker thanked volunteers for their support during the search for Elizabeth. "Words cannot express how grateful and appreciative my family is for everyone's help," Decker said in a statement. "She could not have survived this without everyone's support, well-wishes and dedication to finding my daughter."