"Rockwell" was born Kennedy William Gordy, in Detroit, May 15, 1964.  Yes, he is the son of Motown Records founder Barry Gordy, Jr!

Yes, he was signed to Motown Records.

To avoid charges of nepotism, he secured the record deal without his father's knowledge!

Motown came up with the name Rockwell....and the young Gordy agreed, because he felt that he "rocked well."

Rockwell's biggest hit, "Somebody's Watching Me" was released in 1984...the year of "Big Brother."

I have this paperback edition in a box somewhere...first read it in...1984. This is the 1954 paperback printing. (amazon.com photo)

In George Orwell's futuristic book (written in 1948), the government, "Big Brother" watches over the citizen's every move. Coincidence?

"Somebody's Watching Me" features vocal assistance from Rockwell's childhood pal, Michael Jackson, and backup vocals from Jermaine Jackson!

This superstar-powered song went to #2 for 3 weeks on the Hot 100 charts here in America.

Vintage "Rockwell" vinyl on the turntable! (Craig Allen photo)

"Somebody's Watching Me" went to #1 on the Urban Chart, and to #3 on the Dance Chart. This vinyl spun its way to #2 in Canada, and it reached #6 in England!

As we have seen over and over in this on-going "Meet The Artist" series, Rockwell's followup singles failed to perform as well as the debut song!

"Obscene Phone Caller" is the only other single to land in the Top-40. It went to #35 in the fall of 1984. Rockwell released the albums "Captured" in 1985, and "The Genie" in 1986. No singles landed in the Top-40...

It is interesting to note that Rockwell is not the only member of the Gordy family to place a song on the hit charts:

Robert Gordy, his uncle, landed the song "Everyone Was There" on the charts at #96 in 1958. Like "Rockwell," the song was released under an alternate name: Bob Kayli.

Rockwell is also related to current Top-40 hitmakers LMFAO...through his half-brother and nephew.