If you've been coughing, sneezing and wheezing lately, you are certainly not alone, thanks to record-high pollen levels.

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"This year, many more people are having more symptoms and more severe symptoms, and a lot of patients at this point in time are really having ocular eye allergy symptoms," says Rutgers allergy expert Dr. Leonard Bielory.

He says tree pollen is twice as high as normal.

"One thing we've noticed is that weeds have started to come out earlier as well as grasses are coming out really strong."

Dr. Bielory points out pollen levels are so high because of Superstorm Sandy. He says the hurricane dumped a huge amount of water that saturated the ground, making trees incredibly robust 6 months later.

He adds if you are suffering because of the pollen, you should seek treatment from an allergist, because they can help to minimize symptoms and make you feel a lot better.

Bielroy says the pollen count will start to taper off in the next week, "however grass pollen will continue to be persistent - elevated - about 20 to 40 grains.

You can monitor the different pollen levels online.