Not only is this Mandy's scariest nightmare, it's also her most recent.

A little backstory: My husband and I had visited the historic Stockyards in Fort Worth over Labor Day weekend. We stayed in a historic hotel that used to be a boarding house. We had joked about the place maybe being haunted, but I didn't get a weird vibe from staying there. The morning we were leaving, I overheard the inn keeper telling a family that they "had a priest come in ask for the malicious spirits to leave, but the spirit of a young boy could stay". I raised my eyebrows, but didn't think much of it. The only thought I had was that I hope nothing followed me from that place as you have to be careful what you wonder about in a location like that. Fast forward to the day I dropped my husband off at the airport to fly home back to Philadelphia while I remained in Texas for another week. It had been an early morning so I went back to my hotel room to catch a nap.

Then the unthinkable happens. Every time I tried to get a handle on the direction of the dream I was in, these two men with sunken eyes and pale faces showed up and would gesture in directions that my feet made me follow. It was as if they knew what was going to happen next and kept leading me in the wrong direction. I kept feeling like I couldn't breathe and finally turned to them and saw them in full. They were in old clothing, shirts and coveralls with dark disheveled hair and facial hair. I tried to scream out to them and ask how they knew what was going to happen next. One of the male individuals began to speak through me and the wind was sucked from my lungs as he mouthed "BECAUSE THERE IS EVIL IN YOU".

I woke up shaken and confused by the men I saw and didn't know from the dream and reeling from the sensation of not being able to breathe. I decided to say aloud to whatever it was that might be on or around me that is wasn't welcome and to go back from where it came. I didn't have anymore nightmares and the strange men stayed away.

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