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Before you take a nap on your next flight, you might want to think twice! 

Tom Wagner dozed off during his fight from Louisiana to Houston. Like most people, he thought that he would wake up, or be woken up, by the time his flight landed. However, when he opened his eyes, all he saw was a dark plane cabin. The plane had reached its destination, and Wagner was locked inside.

Wagner called his girlfriend after trying to exit the plane. When his girlfriend called United Airlines shortly after, they told her that the plane had been swept and checked for passengers. Finally, a half hour later, he was found by the maintenance crew, and was able to exit the plane.

United gave him $250, and a hotel room in Houston to make up for the incident. United is investigating how this could have happened.

Talk about a traveling nightmare!

Do you think this man should be receiving more than $250 and a hotel room from United?

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