Somehow there's a "controversy" over one of the performers in Madonna's half time show at last night's Superbowl.

MIA flips the bird at the camera, and drops the "s" bomb!

Ohhhh! My, my...another "nipplegate"!

See for yourself:

Are we REALLY surprised?

Does it really matter at this point?

First of all, outside of CeeLo Green being there, her half time show stunk! I didn't get the whole "Queen of Sheeba" bit or the cheerleader thing...but then again, I'm not in her demo anymore.

Come to think of it....I don't even think she's in her own demo!

When she launched into "Like a Prayer", I thought for sure she was going to reenact the video...complete with Leon as the Christ-like figure...the burning crosses all around her...and her bra straps coming undone!

Some are blaming NBC for not blurring the offending digit nor for bleeping out the offending word. The apology was worded to suggest that their delay system was slow on the uptake.

No apologies necessary!

We're all still here...the sun has come goes on!

And next year, should Bridgestone Tires sponsor another Super Bowl half time show, we'll be treated to a half hour of the Starland Vocal Band!