Tickets to see President Barack Obama speak at Sunday's Rutgers commencement have been tightly held — with the school allowing just a few per student, and some people paying hundreds of dollars for tickets online.

And traffic will be a nightmare, even if you've coughed up those big bucks.

But it won't cost you a dime to join New Jersey 101.5's Bill Spadea and Mike Symons of New: Jersey Decoded for a live chat (above) as streams live video of President Obama at the Rutgers Commencement Sunday.

Join Bill and Mike as they talk about the significance of having a sitting president speak at Rutgers, about the politics of Obama's commencement message in the final year of his presidency and about what Rutgers and New Jersey can take away from the extraordinary event.

President Obama is expected to begin his speech shortly after the ceremony begins.

No special plugins are necessary. Just come to Sunday and join in!