First off, they're illegal aliens, not immigrants as Bill Spadea explains. Secondly, Governor Murphy has set aside 2.1 million dollars to defend those who are in the country illegally. He does this at a time when New Jersey is 200 billion dollars in debt. That's right, according to Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick we are 200 BILLION dollars in debt. That's no joke, even if Bramnick is actually a very funny comedian in his spare time.

But this isn't funny, it's wrong. Why are we spending money we don't have to keep people in this country who shouldn't be here? Also, why didn't we at least get a say in whether or not it should be happening? This isn't money needed to run the state, this is a personal opinion and we shouldn't be paying for it. If we do, then it should be put up for a vote. Of course they'll never do that because most the people it would benefit can't vote. For those of us that can vote, we outnumber the politicians. From the calls I get every night on New Jersey 101.5, we the people don't want this!

If Governor Murphy believes in his heart of hearts that those here illegally should have lawyers provided for them, then Governor Murphy can hold a fundraiser, invite all his rich friends, and their friends and take donations. Of course they wouldn't be tax deductible. Instead, he just uses our tax dollars. Period, full stop.

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