Throughout the lockdowns and mandates over the past 14 plus months, I've offered various resources to help you fight back.

We now know conclusively that masks never were effective to stop the virus. Thanks to the newly released emails from Dr. Fauci, it's pretty clear that he was less than honest with the public over masks, China, and a slew of other issues.

We know that for most people the virus was not deadly — actually we can pinpoint the truly vulnerable, obese, older, health compromised and lacking sufficient vitamin D. It's one of the reasons that leading doctors like Dr. Marty Makary from Johns Hopkins is literally telling people to ignore the CDC.

Natural immunity is real and the major contributor to the end of the pandemic. The 'group-think' narrative pushing vaccines for everyone, including children — who are almost entirely unaffected by the virus - typically results in cancel culture — even when the source is a world-renowned doctor.

So here we are. Cancel culture in high gear. Never-ending pandemic 'emergency powers' given to the government in Trenton. Masks on kids all day in school. An estimated one-third of NJ small businesses will never open again.

Sometimes it has to get bad for people to wake up and fight back. One voice of reason, attorney Dana Wefer is fighting back and offering help to you if you have been discriminated against, forced to take an experimental jab or canceled.

She joined me on the morning show. Take a listen and then reach out if you need help.

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