It was 35 years ago today that John Lennon was murdered in front of his wife outside his home. The man who stood for peace was taken down by a man who thought if he killed the former Beatle, he would acquire his fame. That’s why we never mention his name.

We continue to mention Lennon’s name throughout the years, keeping his memory alive. His spirit is still among us. Last Friday night the John Lennon 75th birthday concert took place at Madison Square Garden and will air on A&E Saturday Dec 19th.

When the terror attacks happened in Paris last month, a man dragged a piano outside the Betaclan Theatre and began playing “Imagine.” The song was also sung by Coldplay as a tribute to the victims.

I only wish we could have gotten more songs from John Lennon over the last 35 years. The world could really use him now. More than ever, I think we need to "Imagine" a world living as one.