Will the 8 track ever come back?

"Have Heart" and more! (Craig Allen photo).

Other than in a BIG box of...beloved...cast-offs?

And...even...more! (Craig Allen photo).

Sure, 8 track tapes had their limitations...like the songs would be in a different order than on the record album, so that they would fit on the tape cartridge.

If the source album was a bit longer than standard...you would lose a song, maybe two  (think of it as the advisory when you watch a movie on regular TV: "edited for time allotted").

Finally, there was the dreaded...fade down...click (track change)...fade up.

"Cold As Ice" got the "split" treatment. (Craig Allen photo).

During your favorite song, of course. Case in point, above.  Get "more" on this Foreigner 8 track by clicking here.

STILL, it's fun to see "Jersey's Greatest Hits" as it used to be.

Let's go "diving" further into these boxes of...8 track treasures.

Rolling Stones on oxide, circa 1978/1979. (Craig Allen photo).

How many times did the first song on track one...

...and the fourth song on track four get played over the years?

Maybe you're holding tickets to see the Rolling Stones in concert at Met Life Stadium on June 13th & 17th. Or, in Philly at the "Linc" (Lincoln Financial Field) on June 4th....but those dates are "postponed" due to Mick's heart valve replacement surgery. He's recovering nicely, thank you. Stay tuned.

For years and years, this was the biggest selling album...

We're bringing this  (1976) 8 track...back to life. (Craig Allen photo).

...(maybe even 8 track?) of all time.

Sadly, Peter Frampton recently announced that this is his last tour, as he has a rare degenerative muscular disorder, which will affect his guitar playing over time. Further, he says that as he is a "perfectionist," this is a "nightmare."

His "Farewell Tour" plays at the Met in Philadelphia on July 10th. Catch Peter Frampton at Madison Square Garden on September 13th.

Thanks for all the great music, Peter Frampton! (Craig Allen photo).

Meanwhile, you can see Fleetwood Mac (minus Lindsey Buckingham, and that's a story in itself). They're in Toronto Monday night, swinging through Canada in the next 2 weeks.

Fleetwood Mac will be in concert at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly, on a date to be determined. Again, stay tuned.

This is the 8 track that preceded "Rumours." (Craig Allen photo).

And remember them on this 8 track tape, enjoyed in New Jersey since 1975.

As you can see, I've got many more 8 track treasures to...dig up...and share.

But for now, its time to fade down....and...CLICK.