There's nothing I hate more than standing in line. I can definitely feel Bill Doyle's pain of getting behind someone with a complicated load when you've only got an item or two and just want to get on with your day. That's why I was both shocked and amazed by a worker named Jalen at the Twin River CVS when he went the extra mile while with other customers while I was the guy with the complicated load. You would think I would have a problem with that, but it went that fast.

Usually when I shop at CVS, I'm given a laundry list of coupons much like Jimmy Kimmel got that I speculate can also save money on toilet paper but I digress. Usually I just throw them out but this time I took a handful of them with me and when I got to the counter I said sarcastically "This is going to be a lot of fun."

Jalen was unfazed and while we sorted out the coupon mess, he managed to tale care of three people all with a few items, each behind me, without making me wait an extra second checking out. I'd never seen anything like it. I told him they should add a J to the CVS letters. He says he really cares about his job and the people who shop there. I know  that because even though he doesn't know me, he always says hello when he sees me come in.

The point of this is that even though there are some workers in New Jersey who couldn't care less about your experience, there are others who will do what it takes or go the extra mile to give you the experience that will make you want to come back. Next time, I may even let him keep my coupons.

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