I’m a lover of all things dessert, and this food influencer has found probably the most expensive dessert in all of New Jersey.

Of course, we’ve all been to fancy restaurants in the area and found a pricier dessert, but I don’t think it will compare to what this girl found. This girl named Lex on Instagram finds some of the best foods and drinks in the New Jersey and New York area.

She decided to try out this restaurant in Caldwell called Calandra’s Bakery and it looks like a place you’d want to check out if you’re into a dancy night out in North Jersey.

I always love finding food recommendations that give off New York vibes but don’t require you to go to the city. When going to Calandra’s Bakery and Restaurant, this influencer on Instagram got a gelato topped with 23-karat gold flakes, gourmet pistachios, and cherries and served with a cognac shot.

According to this video in Instagram and TikTok, this dessert is selling on their menu for $100. It looks super delicious, but it raises the question. Is it all worth it?

Essentially it’s just cherries and pistachios on top of vanilla ice cream, but sometimes desserts like this are just more for show rather than taste.

If you want to try this dessert out for yourself and settle the debate about if it’s really worth the hefty price of $100, head to Calandra’s Bakery located at 234 Bloomfield Ave in Caldwell, NJ. There are also locations in both Fairfield and Newark, NJ!

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