The snow has started picking up here in Upstate New York, but we have a way to go to reach record-setting territory.

This winter and the last couple have been a little underwhelming when it comes to snowfall, but in recent memory, we have also had some above-average winters. Like any other weather event, totals go up or down and it all is just a game of chance.

Since the winter of 1884 - 85 the National Weather Service has been tracking yearly snowfall totals and when you put all those up and down winters together the typical seasonal snowfall for New York's capital city is 59.2 inches. So how far and above would we have to go this winter to make it one of the all-time biggest for snowfall?

Well, let's put it this way: the last time we had enough snowfall to land in Albany's all-time top ten winters below was 20 years ago in 2002-2003. At this point, probably unlikely to happen this year. Or maybe considering we are due to have a winter that cracks the top 10, maybe it is not unlikely at all!

Albany's Top 10 Snowiest Winters Of All Time [RANKED]

Another Upstate New York winter is upon us. And while it is popular for forecasters to predict a cold and snowy winter ahead, how much snow would it actually take to make it an all-time winter when it comes to big a big snowfall total for the season? In the average winter, the National Weather Service (NWS_ says we get 59.2 inches of snow in Albany. We will have to crush that number this winter for the season ahead to make this NWS top 10 list of our snowiest Albany winters on record.

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff

10 Largest Snowfalls On Record In Albany

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff

Albany's 10 Least Snowy Winters Of All Time

Some winters in Upstate New York can be absolutely brutal as far as massive amounts of snow. Then there are times like this winter when it feels like the snow is pretty much non-existent. It wouldn't be the first time! Here are the 10 least snowy winters of all time according to the National Weather Service of Albany

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff

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