Fast food giant Burger King has decided to celebrate the holiday season by giving away free food. The offer will be good at all New York state Burger King locations throughout the month of December.

Of course, there is a little bit of a catch.

How Many Burger Kings Are in New York State?

According to 2023 numbers at Scrape Hero, New York state has 342 Burger King locations statewide. New York state is 4th in the U.S. for number of Burger King locations.

Free Food For Burger King Royal Perks Members During the Month of December

According to Yahoo, Burger King will be offering exclusive 'Tis the Cheeson' deals to Royal Perks members throughout the month of December. Yahoo says that the free offers will rotate daily.

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Burger King started the month with a free cheeseburger with "any $1 purchase through the BK app" for Perks members, says Yahoo. Every Sunday, Royal Perks members can take advantage of free delivery with a $5 purchase, according to the deal. Burger King will also roll out their $3 Whopper Wednesday, and no additional purchase is needed, says Yahoo.

10 Fast Food Restaurants We Want In New York State

Fast food restaurants that we want in New York State.

Better, Tastier McDonald's Coming to the Hudson Valley and New York? 

McDonald's announced that their hamburgers will soon have "softer buns", and "perfectly melted cheese," as well as onions being added to the grill as the burgers cook. One could say the added onions are a similar manner of preparation as White Castle.

They also promise even more Big Mac sauce for their burgers at all their locations in New York State and beyond.

McDonald's says the tweaks will bring out even more flavor to their burgers, as the chain has already rolled out the new recipe at locations in Canada, and Australia.

McDonald's says the upgrade will be at all locations by 2024.

The move also comes as the company tries to hold on to key markets as competitors like Shake Shack, Five Guys, and In-N-Out have certainly taken customers away through the years.

Fast Food Employees Say to Avoid Eating These Items

If the employees at a fast-food location tells you not to eat something you should probably listen to them. Here is a list of food items that fast food employees suggest to not order.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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