Going to the Shore in Jersey is just a part of life; most of us live within an hour of the coast and try to take advantage of that as much as possible.

Whether you go out for a day of fishing, relaxing, or people-watching on the boardwalks, living in Jersey really does have its perks.

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What's even cooler is that we have some secret beaches.

Places that you'd only really know about if you're a local.

One type of "secret beach" is Sunset Beach near Cape May.

This is one of my favorites, while you enjoy the sunset from the shell-covered shore, you can see the remains of the SS Atlantus, a sunken WWI ship that lies just off the coast.

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Photo Credit: Canva

Now you may be thinking that Sunset Beach isn't much of a secret beach but I always enjoyed visiting as a kid.

That being said, Jersey is home to 3 secret beaches that made the top 100 best secret beaches in the country.

What 3 Secret NJ Beaches Are Being Called The Best In The Country?

The first real question is what makes a beach secret?

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Photo Credit: Canva

To me, it means it's off the beaten path, may not have all the tourist attractions, and will give you some serious peace and quiet.

According to the Family Destinations Guide, 3 beaches in New Jersey ranked among the top 100 secret beaches in America.

Coming in at #85 was Gunnison Beach which is up near Sandy Hook.

Also on the list was Pearl Beach at #49, in Cape May which actually isn't too far from Sunset Beach which as I mentioned above is definitely worth checking out.

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And making the top 5 for the best secret beach is none other than Sedge Island at #5.

What makes Sedge Island so special is that it's only accessible by boat off the coast.

While you're on the road headed to your favorite secret beach, keep an eye out for NJ DOT's hilarious new road signs.

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Gallery Credit: Dan Alexander

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