A local restaurant is the subject of a big conversation on the Buffalo Sub-Reddit (reddit.com/r/Buffalo) over their use of AI-generated images.

Artificial Intelligence has had a big impact on the world in a very short period of time. We've had some cool things, like an unreleased Beatles song that was able to be finished because of AI. We've also had funny parody songs and pictures that are so ridiculous that they are kind of good.

Then there's the downside: AI is beginning to cost people their jobs.  Major companies have leaned into using AI to do important but simple digital tasks and replaced the human beings that used to do those jobs.

Many companies instantly regret that decision, though, as the quality and accuracy of the work are poor.

One of the big areas that people have tried to take advantage of with AI is marketing. With a few words, you can get an AI to produce an image to your liking. That's exactly what a new restaurant in Buffalo, New York decided to do. They created several AI images to feature on the front of their store to market and promote themselves. As seen on the Buffalo Sub-Reddit:

New Restaurant on Englewood using AI Art for Advertising
byu/geodesicPenguin inBuffalo


As you can see, these are definitely AI-generated. Many on this thread are upset that they would use AI instead of a human being to create their marketing materials. Others are defending them because marketing can be expensive and cost a lot fo time as well.

Personally, I think the images they use are funny, but they are asking for trouble. People are rightfully protective of humans having these jobs. Plus, these don't look good. Unless it's a joke, which it could be?

Having owned a bar myself, I can tell you a lot of business owners look for cheap, short-cut solutions to marketing. Those very rarely ever work. Marketing takes humans, and it takes people who know what they are doing. Business owners, unless they own a marketing firm, don't specialize in this. They need help making sure the word gets out about their business often and consistently. They also don't want to end up creating a conversation they didn't want.

Maybe this place wanted this?

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