There are generally two seasons in New York State; winter and road construction. However, for those who own a home, when the weather breaks, it is home renovation season!

As we watch the prices of EVERYTHING go up, we are all trying to save as much money as we can. But as hard as we try, there are some fees and taxes that we are either unaware of, or will never be able to get around.

The question many have is, "does New York State tax everything"? The simple answer is, yes. If there is a way for the Empire State to get hands on money, it will likely happen and the New York State paint can tax impacts homeowners.

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Have you purchased paint lately? Take a close look at your receipt!

According to a pot on NextDoor and an article on, "New York State now has a paint can tax. It is $0.95 for one gallon cans. You are supposed to bring the cans (with left over contents) to a recycling plant. The stores will not take the empty cans".

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This is the time of the year that you are getting things fixed up after the winter months. The cold air, rain and snow, really beat up the houses in New York State. For many, they are just trying to get the lawn mowed after the wet spring we have been having. There are some portions of New York State that have gotten over 7 inches of rain since the start of April! Good luck homeowners!!

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