Is this actually a Buffalo thing, or is the guy an enigma?

It sounds like he may not be the only one who starts his morning with this breakfast meal of choice. In fact, it seems like Gerffred may have started a breakfast trend in the Buffalo area. 

Or…maybe it’s just something you try just to say you did it and it was gross. 

For me, I don’t think I would try this breakfast trend, but if you are a fan of pepperoni and cereal, you will probably like this…maybe.

A Facebook post had some traction this week after Gerffred, who lives in Buffalo, posted a picture of their cereal bowl, and it’s a little different than your typical cereal. 

Gerffred was innovative with his breakfast, putting pepperonis in his 2% milk and eating it out of the bowl. In the picture, Gerffred said:

“You ain’t Buffalo if you never had pepperoni and 2% milk .”

Many people, believe it or not, never heard of this combination (shocking, I know), but after seeing this photo circulating online, some Western New Yorkers tried cupped pepperoni in their milk, and they found out they started the morning with more protein compared to regular cereal. 

Pepperoni slices have been known as a great source of vitamins, minerals, and protein; however, it is loaded with calories and fat. So it is entirely up for your discretion as to whether or not you choose to enjoy some pepps in a bowl.

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