It used to be that you wouldn't see any signs of Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

That seems like a distant memory thanks to retailers pushing the next holiday as soon as, or sometimes even before, the current one is over. It seems to be more of a thing from September to April every year.

The holiday carousel starts with the early push for Halloween with candy and decorations out as early as Labor Day. As soon as the Halloween offerings were gone this year, the Christmas stuff came out.

It was Election Day and the Santa mugs and Christmas tree lights were already on the shelves at my local national chain pharmacy. How about a little break in between and just a few fall Thanksgiving decorations before the big holiday push?

It just seems to be too much, too early, but some people can't get enough of Christmas time. Well, you're in luck it's already all over the place!

Too early for Christmas decorations in NJ

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