Still wrapping my head around the horror of what one New Jersey family went through losing their daughter. Samantha Josephson was a 21 year old University of South Carolina student brutally murdered in March.

As a father of a 21 year old daughter who lives away at college, this story really hit home. Unfortunately grief quickly gives ways to advocacy and now we have the parents of the murdered woman on a mission to make ride sharing safer.

Let me be clear. Ride sharing IS safe. We simply don't need more safeguards to ensure you're getting into the right car beyond the pic of the driver, car type, color and license plate. What we do need is for ride share users to make sure they're getting into the right car. Pay attention and ask the driver "what's my name". It's simple and may have in fact prevented a tragedy in South Carolina.

Beyond that, the proposals will not make anyone safer. The lighted sign idea is foolish. Signs can be picked up cheap online and may provide a false sense of security for young ride share drivers to not worry about asking or checking the car and driver. And if the advocates for the signs believe we still need to go through all the other checks then the sign is irrelevant.

So stop with feel good solutions in search of a problem. Address real life circumstances. And accept that there are no safes spaces in the real world.

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