Understandably, emotions are running high in this period of quarantines and shutdowns. The differences in how some people are handling it varies widely.

Some people are panicked and nervous and expecting the worse. Others are less anxious and some even annoyed by the attention this is being given and acting cavalierly. It’s a topic that will come up in just about every conversation, even with strangers. The differences in attitudes are already causing rift in relationships that may be far more permanent than any effects of this virus.

The best we can do is to keep an open mind and try to understand our friends' positions without getting angry or offensive. This situation probably more than any other in our lifetime has brought out more passion and fear than anything else we’ve ever faced. Yes, it’s a time for caution but also a time for understanding. The vast majority of us will certainly make it through this but sadly some of our friendships may not.

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