Traditionally it's safe to wait until Mother's Day or the 15th of May to plant flowers, veggies, and herbs in New Jersey. I put my herbs in this past weekend and there is no killing frost in sight for the next ten days, so go ahead and do it. We get a little bit of a jump on the growing season, since temperatures even in the northwest corner of the state won't get below the mid 40's for the next ten days. As a matter of fact most of the rest of the state won't get below 50 for overnight lows from here on out.

Some plants like tomatoes and peppers really flourish when the temps get into the 80s during the day consistently and it warms the ground considerably. So although you might get those in the ground now without fear of frost, you might not see substantial growth for another two or three weeks when we will see consistent highs near the 80 degree mark. There are plenty of places to buy your plants and flowers including the big box stores, but I prefer my local farm and garden stands for excellent quality, pricing and great advice. My favorite is The Red Top Market in Southampton, NJ. Feels like home to me!

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