Once Sen. Bob Corker said Trump "has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence" needed to serve as the president, the floodgates started to open up. What's significant about Corker's questioning the president's stability is that he is not a Democrat. Not only is he a Republican, he had up until now been giving Trump a chance. After the Charlottesville meltdown, and I'm sure the totality of so many other things, even Corker is questioning whether Trump is unstable.

So those floodgates began to open, and more and more people are beginning to openly question whether our president has mental issues. Scary thought. The Washington Post just ran an opinion piece by Eugene Robinson titled "How unhinged is Trump? It's time to talk about the president's mental health." Robinson is far from alone. Beyond media, many in Trump's own party are uncomfortably backing away from this president.

One of the problems I'm seeing is how people who are concerned about this scary possibility are struggling to find the words. No one wants to use the word crazy. In this age of political correctness, even crazy people shouldn't be called crazy. Notice even Corker carefully chose his words. He said Trump had not been able to demonstrate stability, when really he means Trump is demonstrating instability. I guess saying not demonstrating sanity is less offensive than saying is demonstrating insanity.

So what do we need here? We put our listeners to the task of coming up with as many euphemisms as possible for crazy, and were asked to share their opinion as to whether our president could pass a psych eval. Whichever way you would answer this question, whatever side you're on, perhaps it could expedite the conversation if people used some of these euphemisms called in to our show Wednesday. Here are just a few.

Lights are on but there's nobody home -

Mentally divergent -

Space cadet -

Not all your eggs are in one basket -

Couple fries short of a Happy Meal -

Couple sandwiches short of a picnic -

Half a bubble off -

All the oxygen is not leaving the tent -

Couple of beers short of a six pack -

Christmas tree doesn't light up on one side -

The hamster fell off the wheel -

Not hitting on all cylinders -

Cheese slipped off the cracker -

So is it true? Are you worried Trump's elevator isn't go all the way to the top floor? That his hamster fell off the wheel? That he's a couple beers shy of a six pack? Take our poll below.