Always Dreaming took the crown at the Kentucky Derby and that got Dan and Chris thinking, is time for legalized gambling in New Jersey already?

Now that two professional franchises are going to be calling Las Vegas home, the stigma of pro sports and gambling are pretty much history. New Jersey has had a long history of attempts at getting sports gambling legalized. Isn't it time it actually happened?

The guys also discuss what defines an 'MVP.' The NBA has some superstars vying for the title of MVP this year but what does it really mean? Is an MVP the player that means the most to his team? Or is it the player is just the best overall athlete in the league?

The Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles engaged in a nasty battle the last couple weeks with players on both teams being "beaned" by the opposing pitchers as "retaliation" for something the other team did. Chris thinks this is an archaic tradition that needs to stop. Dan, on the other hand, thinks it's a sign of sticking up for your teammates and a sign of unity. If anything, Dan says that the league should impose harsher fines for retaliation.

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